Moana Review

Plot/Summary: Goddess Te Fiti creates all life and takes the form of an island. Maui (Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson), a shape shifting hero, steals her heart (a piece of glowing rock) bringing a curse on surrounding islands. In the process he also loses his magical fish hook and is rendered super-powerless. Moana (Auli’I Cravalho) the… Read More Moana Review


Floyd Lawton was born into a wealthy, yet dysfunctional family. His parents showed obvious favoritism towards Floyd’s older brother, Edward. The Lawton family slowly broke down, so much so that Floyd’s mother asked her two boys to kill their father. In a tragic accident, Floyd shot and killed his brother in an attempt to disarm… Read More Deadshot


Thor is the son of Odin (Lord of Asgardians) and Gaea (the earth goddess). He was taken to Asgard to be raised by  Odin’s wife Fridda in hopes one day he would exceed Odin’s power in maintaining the Nine Realms. Thor is the Norse God of Thunder. He wields arguably the greatest weapon ever made, the enchanted hammer… Read More Thor