Synopsis: Dormammu is presented as the most powerful and malevolent of “the Faltine”, fictional higher dimystical energy beings. Not native to the “Dark Dimension”, Dormammu and “his” sibling Umar were exiled for slaying their progenitor “Sinifer” and for their morbid/unclean obsession with physical matter. They journeyed to the Dark Dimension in search of experience, and assumed corporeal forms. Dormammu merged with the local “Flames of Regency” to further enhance his power, and returned to an energy state, whereas Umar had grown accustomed to physical pleasure. After imprisoning the horde of marauding virtually unstoppable Mindless Ones, Dormammu enslaved the entire realm and demanded worship as its sole deity. He continued to gradually merge other mystical universes to his own, while spreading his worship to any sorcerers throughout the multiverse who invoked his powers. The character is sometimes shown as incredibly patient, with certain plots to achieve his goals spanning billions of years, whereas others are planned far more recently or even improvised through opportunity.  Although extremely intelligent, with tremendous knowledge of the mystic arts, he is overwhelmingly arrogant, generally does not adapt well to sudden confusion and unexpected developments, and has a tendency to gloat over technically outmatched foes rather than swiftly finish them off. What makes Dormammu different from other prominent Marvel supervillains is that he has been shown as fully capable of personally defeating cosmic entities, even without external power sources and outside of the “Dark Dimension”. Originally genderless siblings, Dormammu and his sister Umar have an unpredictable love-hate relationship. Sometimes loyal and collaborative, other times they gladly betray each other or take the other’s power for themselves. Umar has an occasional tendency to sarcastically puncture her brother’s obsessive histrionics with more pragmatic sadistic hedonism. Writer Kieth Giffen has described them as “Donnie and Marie from hell. The brother-sister sibling rivalry relationship blown up to nightmarish, universe-shattering proportions.” Nevertheless, Dormammu is “completely inhuman”, the kind of character that “commits mass murder… on a whim”.

Powers/Abilities: Mystic energy manipulation, Mastery of dark magic, Dimensional teleportation and Immortality

Real Name: Dormammu

Alias: The Dread One, Eater of Souls, Lord of Chaos, Lord of Darkness, the Great Enigma, Flyx
Weakness: Dormammu is incredibly strong although his power is slightly decreased when physically present in another universe (other than the Dark Dimension). It is rarely Dormammu’s lack of strength or intelligence that leads to his demise it is most often his arrogance.

Base of Operations: Dark Dimension

First Appearance: Strange Tales #126 (November, 1964)

Sidekick: N/A

Nemesis: Although Dormammu has fought many heroes, he is most notably associated with Doctor Strange.

Affiliations: Lords of the Splinter Realms, Lords of the Netherworlds; allied with Umar, Loki, Doctor Doom, Underchild

Love Interest: N/A


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