The Vulture

Synopsis: Adrian Toomes was born in Staten Island, New York. He was a former electronics engineer and business partner of Gregory Bestman. Bestman handled the finances while Toomes focused primarily on inventions. One day, after creating a flight harness, Toomes eagerly rushed into Bestman’s office to share the happy news. However, Bestman was not there. Toomes later discovered that Bestman had secretly been embezzling funds and that Toomes had no legal recourse. Toomes lost both his job and his purpose in life. Enraged, Toomes wrecked the business and discovered that the harness also granted him superhuman strength. He then decided to turn to crime professionally as the Vulture.

Powers/Abilities: Genius electrical engineer, electromagnetic tailored body-harness grants enhanced physical attributes and flight

Real Name: Adrian Toomes (most recurring)

Alias: Vulture

Weakness: Although the supersuit grants the Vulture extraordinary power, underneath he has all the vulnerability of any other human.

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: The Amazing Spiderman #2 (May 1963)

Sidekick: N/A

Nemesis: Spiderman

Affiliation: Sinister Twelve, Sinister Six, Legion Accursed

Love Interest: N/A


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