In Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition, we caught a glimpse of a villain named Steppenwolf. Some may know very little about this DC villain, so here’s a character profile to catch you up.

Synopsis: Steppenwolf is one of the evil New Gods of Apokolips and the uncle of their ruler Darkseid. His sister is Darkseid’s mother Heggra. He is a high-ranking military general who leads many of Darkseid’s invasions. He is best known for murdering Avia, wife of the New Genesis ruler Highfather. With The New 52 reboot that takes place following the 2011 Flashpoint limited series, a new version of Earth-2 (home of the Justice Society of America) is introduced. In the continuity of that parallel world, Steppenwolf leads a massive invasion of the planet by Darkseid’s parademons. Ultimately, Earth’s heroes manage to successfully repel the invaders, but the Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman of that world are all killed in battle. Five years later, Steppenwolf is apparently hiding on Earth-2 and there is a $300 million reward for him. He is eventually killed by that world’s version of Bizarro, whom Steppenwolf had employed as a soldier and indoctrinated into fighting for Apokolips. Steppenwolf also appears briefly in an issue of Justice League within The New 52 taking part in the torturing of Superman on the Prime Earth. Steppenwolf is seen as support for Darkseid when he moves to attack the Anti-Monitor.

Power/Abilities: Steppenwolf possesses superhuman strength, speed and stamina appropriate to his race (New God). He is an experienced military leader, having served as the head of Apokolips’s armed forces, and when going into battle personally often commands units of the dog cavalry – warriors riding enormous dogs, for the carnage and mass deaths he causes when he leads forces. Steppenwolf wields several weapons, including a cable-snare in which he can entrap opponents and from which he can fire lethal radion beams. His main weapon is his electro-axe. He is a master swordsman and a formidable foe in hand-to-hand combatant.

Real Name: Steppenwolf (which is German for “wolf of the steppe”, or coyote)

Alias: Uxas

Weakness: Steppenwolf is a god, but was killed by Orion. Although he has only been killed by another New God, his strength was matched by Doomsday.

Base of Operations: Apokolips

First Appearance: New God’s #7 (Feb 1972)

Sidekick: Steppenwolf could be considered Darkseid’s sidekick.

Nemesis: N/A

Affiliations: Darkseid, Darkseids Elite

Love Interest: N/A


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