Life Review

First Word: Ridley Scott recently announced that he wants to make six more films in the Alien franchise. Even if you agree the 1979 original is a masterpiece (it is) and are looking forward to Alien: Covenant (I am), six more movies sounds somewhat excessive. Especially since the is-it-or-isn’t-it-an-Alien-movie (it was) Prometheus from 2012 was… Read More Life Review

Pete’s Dragon Review

First Word: The original Pete’s Dragon was filmed in 1977, and stands as one of Disney’s lowest-ranked family adventure offerings. It was another of those something-for-everyone numbers (part musical, part cartoon, and all-round hammy acting fest) that just didn’t add up for anyone. Disney waited almost 40 years to try their hand at a remake… Read More Pete’s Dragon Review

The Killing Joke Review

First Word: Full Disclosure: The Killing Joke is one of my favorite graphic novels. My expectations for the DCU film were high especially after hearing that Mark Hamill (Joker) and Kevin Conroy (Batman) would be returning. After hearing unsettling reviews,  I waited eight months to watch the movie . . . and now I know why. Plot/Synopsis: The first twenty-eight minutes of the… Read More The Killing Joke Review