Top 5 Wonder Woman Villains that should be in the DCEU

ares5. Doctor Psycho: It would be an understatement to say that Edgar Cizko, a.k.a. Doctor Psycho, has issues with women. His hatred for females stems from the fact he was picked on by them at a very young age because of his small size. Despite this deep-rooted misogyny, Cizko did fall in love with a woman named Marva Jane Gray while at medical school, but unfortunately, Ben Bradley, the man she truly loved, framed Cizko for a theft at the university’s laboratory. Once he escaped prison, the now-named Psycho killed Ben and mentally forced Marva to marry him, thus kicking off his supervillain career. While Psycho was originally a skilled hypnotist, he was changed in the post-crisis era of the comics to be a skilled telepath who uses his psionic abilities to torment those who stand in his way. If the DCEU is looking for a villain who does not rely on brute force Psycho is an excellent pick. His presence would especially work in a period piece. In Psycho’s early comic book appearances he tried to prevent women from helping in the war efforts.

4. First Born: Introduced in the New 52 comics, First Born is the child Zeus had with Hera. Zeus learned of a prophecy that said his newborn son would kill him to take over Olympus. Thus, Zeus tried to murder the infant, but Hera had pity and exi led First Born from Olympus. Despite his banishment, First Born remembered his heritage, and after failing to get Zeus’ attention while growing up he decided to take over Earth. After that fails he tries to invade Olympus, but Zeus stops his forces and imprisons him within the earth. Thousands of years later, First Born finally broke free of the Earth and builds a new army to take the mountain of the gods. It has been confirmed that Wonder Woman’s DCEU origins will be based off the New 52 so using First Born as the main antagonist gives Wonder Woman not just a demigod to battle, but also provides a special antagonistic familial relationship. (Thor and Loki)

3.Circe: Circe has the same basic magical abilities as the Greek goddess with whom she shares a name. Specifically, she can cast illusions, teleport and turn others into animals (famously seen in Homer’s Odyssey). Although she made her comic debut in 1949, Circe has become more prominent as an antagonist to Wonder Woman since the 1980’s. She frequently targets Diana as well as other mythological DC characters. One of her more notable schemes was initiating the war of the Gods, which pitted deities against each other. She has also helped empower members of Wonder Woman’s rogue’s gallery so that she can have an indirect hand in defeating the Amazon heroine. Like Doctor Psycho, this is another foe who requires more than simple brute force to defeat. However, in Circe’s case, her magic is just as capable of causing Diana mental harm as physical harm.

2.Ares: Like Circe and other Wonder Woman villains, Ares was one of many characters to be reimagined when writer George Perez started writing comics about the superheroine in the 1980’s. Born as the God of War, he embodies all the negative aspects of conflict. As expected he is one of the DC’s greatest warriors, but he has proven very dangerous through his shadowy manipulations and intricate plans. Although Wonder Woman and Ares now have close, familial-like ties in the New 52, it is better that he stays a villain in this ecosystem. Even if Ares does not appear immediately in the story, the DCEU should find a place for him at some point.

1.Cheetah: Batman has the Joker, Superman has Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman has Cheetah. Priscilla Rich, a debutante with a split personality, was the first Cheetah. However, if Cheetah is to join the DCEU they would be better served using the third Cheetah, Barbra Anne Minerva. Minerva was a selfish archaeologist that drank a potion (changed in the New 52 to cutting herself with a knife) that transformed her into The Cheetah. Her early obsession was trying to steal Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth, but eventually changed to her simply wanting to defeat the Amazon in combat. Cheetah is Wonder Woman’s greatest villain and will likely be adapted in the DCEU.


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