Suicide Squad Review

suicide-squadSuicide Squad is DC’s third film installment. After the lukewarm reception of Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad was set to change the tone of DC films with a stellar cast and a killer playlist. This film features an ensemble cast starring Margot Robbie (Wolf of Wall Street and The Legend of Tarzan), Oscar Nominee Will Smith (Ali and Independence Day), and Oscar Nominee Viola Davis (The Help and Antwone Fisher). This film also “stars” Oscar Winner Jared Leto (Dallas Buyer’s Club and Fight Club). With a strong cast and a respected director/writer (David Ayer), Suicide Squad seemed destined for great things.

Plot/Summary: Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) manages to imprison some of the world’s deadliest villains. She plans to use their skills to combat threats from extraterrestrials or metahumans. Unfortunately, one of her metahumans (The Enchantress) goes rogue and the team must protect the world from one of their own. Suicide Squad’s plot is basic and far from original. The plot is lost as the movie sporadically jumps from scene to scene. Its third act includes a unexplained scene where Amanda Waller is taken hostage but then somehow reappears unharmed. The Suicide Squad was trying to do too much, and without any glue to hold the plot together it sloppily falls apart. 6.5/10

Cinematography: Suicide Squad, unlike the other DC films, has a different style. As compared to Zach Snyder’s installments, the Suicide Squad is brighter and has a more “comic book” feel to its scenes. However, it lacks in the CGI department which is arguably Snyder’s forte. The faceless army of the Enchantress and her brother do not hold up well especially if you watch the film in high definition. 7/10

Characterization: There are so many characters in this film and most are never given time to develop. The standout performances are Robbie, Smith, and Davis. As mentioned already the cast includes some amazing actors but they weren’t given enough time to develop and are unfortunately lost in this movie. Suicide Squad is the strongest when it focuses on relationships and characters like Harley Quinn and Deadshot. Even Diablo (Jay Hernandez) grabs your attention and makes you empathize with him, but this is short lived as the movie gives more attention to action rather than arcs. 7.5/10

Conclusion: This movie (as many other critics have pointed out) would have been much better if it had focused on Harley Quinn and the Joker. The trailers for this film really misled the audience in my opinion. Going into this film I was sure the Joker would be the villain. Without Batman, the Joker, or any strong intimidating antagonist, Suicide Squad holds no weight. Suicide Squad truly had potential to be great, but with rushed production, massive cuts and reshoots the film did suffer. As a fan it was thrilling to finally see some of these characters brought to life, but I wish DC and Warner Bros. would have given David Ayer and the whole team more time to perfect this movie.

Final Score: 7/10

Was the Suicide Squad a success, failure, or somewhere in between? Did the extended version make the movie better? What about Jared Leto’s Joker? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! #anerdynook



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