Finding Dory Review

doryPlot/Summary: Lovable Dory, a fish suffering from short term memory loss, is on an epic journey to find her parents. As she keeps swimming from one location to another she has her faithful friends Marlin and Nemo to help her along the way. As Dory recovers fragmented memories from her past she finds friends at a Marine Life Institute who assist her in finding her home. Finding Dory heavily relies on its predecessor and falls back to that plot occasionally.  7/10

Characterization: This film primarily focuses on Dory, ergo the title. With that said, the film also attempts to juggle familiar characters like Nemo and Marlin along with introducing new characters like Destiny, Hank, and Bailey. Sometimes this movie leaves us wanting more back-story on the new characters which leads us to believe that sequels are somewhere in the near future. However, Ellen DeGeneres has proven herself again with this character as she gives an emotionally stirring performance while making us laugh as well. 8/10

Cinematography: Finding Dory recreates the magic and vastness that was found in Finding Nemo. From the calm, beautiful water scenes to the exciting action sequences, Finding Dory is a beautiful film to watch. This movie looks amazing and is definitely another top-notch Pixar animated film. 8/10

Conclusion: Finding Dory is a well-animated touching film. Unlike Finding Nemo, Finding Dory went a lot of directions with the plot and it seems to be setting up more movies in the future. When will Hollywood learn to produce a film without the intention of making a franchise out of it? I had hoped Finding Dory would be a fresh look at some familiar characters, but it seems that Pixar fell into the trap of reproducing an already fantastic film. However, Finding Dory will still make you laugh and possibly shed a tear.

Final Score: 7.6


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