Edward Scissorhands Review

edward.jpgPlot: Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands is a dark romance where a Frankenstein-like being attempts to find a place in a nosey suburban community. Edward is half machine and half human with scissors for hands. With the demeanor of a young child, Edward comes down from his gothic castle to live among the well-to-do inhabitants of a pastel painted neighborhood. At first the town is ecstatic to have this new visitor who cuts their lawns, their dogs, and their hair. But after an unfortunate misunderstanding, Edward Scissorhands becomes a monster to the people who at one time praised him. Secretly, Edward finds true love in Kim, a young girl who realizes how sweet and innocent Edward truly is. Although all the townspeople around her condemn Edward, Kim stands up for Edward in the end and helps him escape the persecution of the town people.  7.5/10

Cinematography: Edward Scissorhands was released in 1990 and the dated CGI and effects do not hold up. At the same time, Burton mostly tried to use real set pieces and miniatures to do most of the filming. The “scissorhands” prop is real and Johnny Depp strapped these on every day of filming. If Tim Burton’s dark gothic style is your thing then Edward Scissorhands has plenty of odd, bug-eyed, and creepy props to go around. At times the camera angles feel a little off. I think Tim Burton tries to give an Alfred Hitchcock flare to his films, but rarely does it ever seem to work in his favor. 7/10

Characterization: Although Edward Scissorhands included some very famous and upcoming actors and actresses, the characterization does falter. Some have said that Johnny Depp’s performance propelled him into stardom, but it’s hard to believe given his performance lacks dialogue and emotion. Johnny Depp speaks very rarely throughout this film and his emotional range is limited. Although Depp’s character embodies a certain charm, it is hard to look past the lack of characterization. I believe this film could’ve been much better had Burton focused on Edward and The Inventor’s back-story a little more. Vincent Price, from the small amount of screen time he has, does a tremendous job with the character. I truly believe had this story focused on Vincent Price and Johnny Depp it would have carried much more weight and character development. 6.5/10

Conclusion: Although Edward Scissorhands is a favorite among Tim Burton fans, this film fails to attract outsiders. At times the tone of the film struggles to stay on point. Is Edward Scissorhands supposed to be a drama, horror, romance, or comedy? It’s hard to balance all these genres in one film and Edward Scissorhands proves this. Edward Scissorhands will remain a classic for most, but when you watch the movie again the nostalgia can begin to wear off.

Final Score: 7/10


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