Synopsis: Sam Wilson grew up in Harlem. At a very young age, Sam’s father was killed while he was trying to break up a fight, and his mother was later shot in the street. Both of these tragic losses affected Sam greatly and he eventually started committing crimes in order to cope with the grief.… Read More Falcon

Green Arrow

Green Arrow is a vigilante “superhero”. He fights crime using archery, martial arts, and technology. He is a wealthy playboy and billionaire industrialist turned outspoken socially progressive politician. As a child, Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) idolized Robin Hood. He was mildly traumatized the first time he accidentally killed an animal, but when his mother and… Read More Green Arrow

Black Canary

One of DC Universe’s earliest super heroines, the Black Canary mantle has been worn by a few different women across decades of appearances in comics, cartoon, TV shows and video games—but none is better known than Dinah Laurel Lance. Inspired by her father and his career in the Gotham City Police Department, Dinah wasn’t able… Read More Black Canary