Top 5 Characters who escaped Krypton (excluding Superman)

krypto5. No Kryptonian list would be complete without Krypto the Super Dog. In the early Superman stories Jor-el sent a test rocket to earth with the family dog inside. Although the rocket was knocked off course, an older Man of Steel and Krypto would be reunited. Krypto has many of the same powers of Superman.

4. Doomsday is a villain known primarily for killing Superman, but he is also a character with very deep Kryptonian roots. Although the cinematic version of Doomsday was Kryptonian in nature, the comic book Doomsday’s story goes all the way back to Krypton’s earliest days. In my favorite take on the Doomsday character he is actually a prehistoric creature from ancient Krypton, long before Kryptonian culture as we know it existed. In these ancient times Krypton’s surface was harsh, toxic, and practically impossible for humanoids to survive on. A scientist named Bertron created a humanoid baby in his lab and then put it out into the toxic environment. The infant died and the scientist collected the infant’s remains, cloned the infant, and put it out to die again. This was done over and over again and every new clone of the baby became stronger than the last. Each of these clones collected the bleak memories of the previous clones until finally a creature was created that could survive almost anything. This creature would one day come to earth and slay its greatest hero.

3. Brainiac is one of Superman’s deadliest foes and probably his most notable villain who has yet to appear on screen. Although there are countless retellings of Brainiac’s origin, many recent media depictions draw heavily from Superman the animated series which places the character’s roots on Krypton. Brainiac is portrayed as a supercomputer capable of downloading himself into an array of bodies. Brainiac moves through the universe, discovering new worlds, absorbing their information, and destroying them which brings him in constant conflict with Superman.

2. Other than Lex Luthor there is probably not a Superman villain as iconic as General Zod. This is largely due to his presence on the big screen. Whether it’s Terence Stamp’s cool, calculated depiction of Zod in Superman The Movie and Superman II or Michael Shannon’s more emotionally volatile version in Man of Steel, Zod has remained a constant cinematic presence. Although Zod’s story has been readapted almost as many times as Superman’s story, some basics have remained the same. On Krypton Zod is a celebrated leader of the Kryptonian military until he instigates a rebellion against the planet’s corrupt government. Though the worthiness of Zod’s initial crusade varies depending on the version of the story, what is consistent is the former general’s power lust, megalomania and savagery in pursuit of his goals.

1. Other than Superman, Kara-zorel is Krypton’s most famous survivor. Supergirl has had many depictions, with the Post-Crisis Earth Supergirl having no connection to Krypton at all. Instead she was rewritten as a man-made life form named Matrix. However, traditionally Kara has been depicted as Superman’s cousin and the last survivor of Krypton’s Argo City. Supergirl was sent to protect her cousin and eventually she commits to fighting alongside Superman and the members of the Justice League.


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