thtrerv6u3Tatsu was born in Japan and trained in the martial arts from a young age. She eventually fell in love with Maseo Yamashiro and the two were married. Maseo’s brother, Takeo, was jealous because he too loved Tatsu. Takeo was also a skilled swordsman and after training very hard he challenged his brother to a duel. Takeo brought with him two swords, one of which had mystical properties. When he entered Maseo and Tatsu’s home, he gave his brother the non-mystical sword and proceeded to fight. Takeo violently killed his brother with the mystical sword. Tatsu, who was struggling to protect her twin babies, saw her husband die. She immediately fought back and disarmed Takeo. In the midst of the fight, a fire had spread and was devouring Tatsu’s home. After leaving Takeo, she took the mystical sword and went to find her children. However, she heard her husband’s voice coming from the sword and he told her to turn back because it was too late. Tatsu ran for her life and from that point on she trained harder to become a better fighter. With her husband entrapped in the sword known as “Soultaker”, Tatsu fought to avenge him. The tragedy of losing her husband and young children made Tatsu a hardened fighter known as Katana.

Powers/Abilities: Her sword, the Soultaker, entraps her victims and she can speak to them if she desires. Katana is an expert samurai and who has also been trained in many martial arts.

Real Name: Tatsu Yamashiro

Alias: Katana

Weakness: Other than her mystical sword and superb fighting skills, Katana is a normal human being.

Base of Operations: Gotham City

First Appearance: The Brave and the Bold #200 (July 1983)

Side-kick:  N/A

Nemesis: Takeo Yamashiro

Affiliation: The Outsiders, Birds of Prey, and Suicide Squad

Love Interest: Maseo Yamashiro (her deceased husband)


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