The Enchantress

enchantress.jpgJune Moone was a young freelance artist who unexpectedly was given the powers of the Enchantress. One evening her boyfriend, Alan Dell, invited her to a costume party at an old haunted castle. Moone found Dzamor, an evil magical entity that made her a sorceress with an evil second personality. The Enchantress was the evil side of Moone which she could unleash simply by saying the name “Enchantress”. Moone was unable to control the Enchantress and she soon became a threat to anyone around her when her evil side took over. The Enchantress fought her first major battle against Supergirl. Afterwards, Amanda Waller found Moone and convinced her to join the Suicide Squad while also promising to help Moone with her schizophrenia. Moone, still unable to master her evil second personality stayed with the Suicide Squad and fought alongside Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and others.

Powers: Powerful sorceress who can shoot energy projectiles, walk through walls, fly, and even teleport. She also has a healing factor and the ability to “track” other magic users due to her sensitivity to magic.

Real Name: June Moone

Alias: Soulsinger

Weakness: The Enchantress/June Moone struggles to control her two distinct personalities and sometimes this can become a weakness.

Base: Belle Reve, Louisiana

First Appearance: Strange Adventures #187 (April, 1966)

Side-kick: N/A

Nemesis: Supergirl and anyone who fights against the Suicide Squad

Affiliation: Suicide Squad and Forgotten Villains

Love interest: Alan Dell



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