To Catch a Thief Review

to catch a thiefFacts/Reception: To Catch a Thief was released on August 4, 1955. It stars Cary Grant and Grace Kelly with exceptional direction by Alfred Hitchcock. The film is based on the novel by David Dodge.

Summary/Plot: When the jewelry of a millionaire is stolen in the French Riviera, a former burglar and member of the French Resistance, John “The Cat” Robie, is the prime suspect of the investigation. John convinces the insurance agent that a copycat is committing the crime. Robie offers to prove his innocence by requesting a list of possible marks to catch the thief in the act. Along the way he befriends a wealthy widow and her daughter. When the widow’s jewelry is stolen, they will team up with John Robie to catch the real thief. 8/10

Direction: To Catch a Thief is directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The film was released in 1955, but its cinematography far exceeds its time period. This film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration and for Best Costume Design. However, To Catch a Thief took home the Oscar for Best Cinematography and it’s easy to see why. 9/10

Characterization: Cary Grant and Grace Kelly are both fantastic in this film. Jessie Royce Landis also has a strong performance throughout. The chemistry between these characters keeps the movie grounded and exciting. Hitchcock does an amazing job of vetting these characters throughout the film.  8/10

Conclusion: To Catch a Thief is another Hitchcock gem. With a great cast and exciting twists, To Catch a Thief is a true thriller from start to finish.

Final Score: 8.3/10


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