Captain Boomerang

capt. boomerang

George Harkness was born in Kurrumburra, Australia. His real father, W.W. Wiggins, left George and his mother at a young age. George’s stepfather, Ian, treated him badly and the family lived in poverty for most of George’s childhood. George grew up practicing with his favorite toy the boomerang every day. Eventually George started to use his gift for evil purposes and robbed different stores throughout his community. In order to avoid the police force, George moved to Central City, Missouri, and reunited with his biological father. Wiggins, a toy maker, gave his son the alter ego of “Boomerang Man” in order to boost toy sales. However, George took advantage of his new name and began committing crimes in Central City under the alias. Boomerang Man came in contact with the Flash many times which led him to eventually became a member of the Suicide Squad.

Powers/Abilities: Boomerang Man has great skills with a boomerang and excellent agility. He is equipped with several boomerangs each with their own ability.

Real Name: George Harkness

Weakness: Captain Boomerang is only a man equipped with weapons; he is just as vulnerable as any other human.

Base of Operations: Central City

First Appearance: The Flash #117 (1960)

Side-kick: N/A

Nemesis: The Flash

Affiliation: Suicide Squad and Rogues Gallery

Love Interest: N/A


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