Killer Croc

killer croc.jpgWaylon Jones was born with a rare mutation, atavism, which caused him to grow into a crocodile-like creature. His mother died and his father left him. Raised by his drunk aunt, Jones had a lonely and tragic childhood. He eventually decided to start a criminal life in Gotham City. Known as the Killer Croc, Jones wreaked havoc in Gotham until Batman defeated him and sent him to Arkham. However, Killer Croc continued to cause problems for Gotham and Batman especially when he murdered the parents of Jason Todd.

Powers/Abilities: Killer Croc has a healing factor, superhuman strength and speed, along with almost impenetrable skin. The more he evolves the less human he becomes, making him a formidable foe.

Real Name: Waylon Jones

Alias: King Croc

Weakness: Although Killer Croc is strong, his intelligence is almost non-existent.

Base of Operations: Gotham City

First Appearance: Batman #357 (March, 1983)

Side-kick: N/A

Nemesis: Batman

Affiliation: Secret Society of Supervillains

Love Interest: N/A


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