deadshot.jpgFloyd Lawton was born into a wealthy, yet dysfunctional family. His parents showed obvious favoritism towards Floyd’s older brother, Edward. The Lawton family slowly broke down, so much so that Floyd’s mother asked her two boys to kill their father. In a tragic accident, Floyd shot and killed his brother in an attempt to disarm him. Floyd eventually moved to Gotham and became very close with Commissioner Gordon while Batman was away. Floyd Lawton, now known as Deadshot, even convinced Gordon to replace the Bat signal with a Deadshot signal. When Batman returned, he exposed Deadshot for a fraud. Batman was able to adjust Deadshot’s sights, defeat him, and send him to prison. Deadshot lived by the motto of never missing a shot, but never shooting to kill. After Batman exposed him, Deadshot became the deadly assassin that we know today.

Powers/Abilities: Excellent marksman with hand to hand combat skills. Always carries two guns which are mounted to his wrists.

Real Name: Floyd Lawton

Alias: “World’s Deadliest Marksman”

Weakness: Deadshot has the same weaknesses of any human being since he is not endowed with any super powers.

Base of Operations: Gotham City

First Appearance: Batman #59 (June, 1950)

Side-kick: N/A

Nemesis: Batman

Affiliation: The Secret Six and Suicide Squad

Love Interest: Susan Lawton


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