Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Review

star-wars-episode-4-a-new-hopeFacts/Reception: Star Wars, as it was originally called, was released in 1977 with a meager budget of 11 million dollars. George Lucas, the director and writer, was so sure the film would flop that he didn’t even go to the premiere. The film, however, had tremendous success and has become iconic in the film industry and pop culture.

Plot/Summary: Star Wars: A New Hope introduces us to three unlikely friends who come from various backgrounds. Luke Skywalker is a young man who is unhappy with his uneventful life as a moisture farmer. Although he loves his aunt and uncle who raised him, he still desires to become a fighter pilot like his deceased father. Leia Organa is an independent and sometimes sassy princess of the planet Alderaan. She supports the rebel cause and will do anything to fight for it. Han Solo is the pilot of the Millennium Falcon, but his charisma has landed him in trouble with Jabba the Hutt. These three will join together in hopes of saving the Rebel Forces. Along the way Luke will continue to learn about his past and the mysterious power known as the Force. 8.5/10

Characterization: Star Wars: A New Hope mainly focuses on Luke Skywalker. We know very little about Obi Wan, Leia, Han, Chewi, or Darth Vadar. It is easy to watch Episode IV and make connections based on the other six Star Wars films. But from a standalone viewpoint, Star Wars: A New Hope has little characterization. In this case, the lack of characterization proved to be a positive attribute. The intriguing and mysterious characters, like Vadar, is what made this film so popular. Fans begged to know more about the Star Wars universe and its characters. 9/10

Cinematography: Although Star Wars: A New Hope was released almost 40 years ago, the effects are still decent. For its time, Star Wars was the ultimate cinematic experience. The grandeur of the movie can still be enjoyed today, although there are definitely low points when it comes to the effects and CGI. However, the ground breaking effects and innovative costumes made this movie an instant classic. 7.5/10

Final Score:  8.3


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