Independence Day (1996) Review

indenpendence DAyIn honor of Independence Day: Resurgence opening this weekend, here is our review of the original Independence Day film released in 1996.

Summary/Plot: This film’s plot focuses on an alien attack against planet Earth. America, with President Thomas Whitmore at its helm, unites with other countries to fight against the massive alien spaceships that have invaded earth. Independence Day is clearly an exciting and charismatic action film, but at the same time Independence Day has a very cliché plot. Although it is fun to watch, Independence Day is predictable. Independence Day is your typical fast-paced action film. 6/10

Cinematography: The CGI in this film has not held up well. However, the aliens still have a unique and vivid appearance. Independence Day has several scenes that are overwhelmed with too much stuff. With space ships, airplanes, city skylines, and wide lens shots of the sky crowding the scenes, Independence Day feels dense. 6/10

Characterization: From the opening scene, we are bombarded with multiple characters and a slew of locations. Independence Day is ambitious in its undertaking. Although the film presents lovable and hilarious characters like Stephen Hiller (Will Smith), David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum), President Thomas Whitmore (Bill Pullman), and others the film fails to develop these characters. Also the majority of the character dialogue is cheesy and somewhat cliché. 7/10

Conclusion: Independence Day is an exciting film to watch. The film relies heavily on Bill Pullman and Will Smith’s acting ability. The lack of developed characters weakens the story. Had the film tried to explain the aliens and their complexity, the film may have had more weight. Inevitably throughout the film, we as the audience know the outcome of the movie. We never doubt that the main characters will escape and that there will be a positive ending to Independence Day. 6.3 overall rating


One thought on “Independence Day (1996) Review

  1. Haven’t seen this movie in SO long! You make a good point – the ending is never in doubt. All the same, I remember it being fun and having a twist of humor. I’m planning on re-watching this one before the new one comes out!

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