Iron Man

iron manTony Stark was born to Howard and Maria Stark. After his parents were tragically killed, Tony took control of his parents industry at the age of 21. Instead of leading Stark Industry, he shirked his responsibility and lived a lavish lifestyle. One fateful day while Tony attended a field test of the companies’ newest weapon, terrorists attacked him and his party. Stark was hit by a land mine that shot shrapnel near his heart. Tony, now kidnapped, was forced to live in a cell and was ordered by the terrorist’s leader, Wong Chu, to create weapons for the terrorists’ needs. Professor Ho Yinsen, a physicist, had also been taken prisoner by the terrorist group. Yinsen and Stark decided to create a armored suit with a magnetic field generator which would keep the shrapnel from getting any closer to Stark’s heart. After secretly creating the suit, Stark escaped from his cell wearing a crude version of what would become the infamous Iron Man suit. Sadly, Yinsen died in an effort to create a diversion for Tony. After this traumatic event, Tony made some major life changes and became the playboy superhero known as Iron Man.

  • Powers/Abilities: Iron Man doesn’t have “powers”, but his abilities include: a genius level IQ, ability to invent a wide range of weapons and defense mechanisms, and his knack for business.
  • Real Name: Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark
  • Alias: Iron Man, Shellhead, Golden Avenger
  • Weakness: Without his Iron suit, Tony Stark is just a regular human. Tony is an arrogant and self-confident hero, and sometimes this presents itself as a weakness.
  • Base of Operations: Stark Tower
  • First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #39 (1963)
  • Side-kick: War Machine (James Rupert Rhodes)
  • Nemesis: The Mandarin or Obadiah Stane
  • Affiliation: Most notably the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Love Interest: Virginia “Pepper” Potts

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