Spider-Man 2: Character Review

spider man 2

Peter Parker – Tobey Maguire is the best Peter Parker we have seen to date. Now before everyone freaks out because I didn’t mention Tom Holland, let me explain why I’m not giving him this title yet. I liked Tom Holland’s performance and it greatly impressed me, but as an audience we have not seen enough of him to make a good judgment call. Now, back to Tobey. He is the epitome of a socially awkward nerd. He wants the pretty girl but always makes a fool of himself when given the opportunity to express his feelings. He exhibits a caring, close relationship with Aunt May, and we sympathize with him as he struggles to cope with Uncle Ben’s murder. Tobey Maguire gives us a great representation of Peter Parker. #thebestsofar

Spider-Man – Although Tobey Maguire plays an excellent Peter Parker, he struggles to portray the wit and charisma that Spider-Man exemplifies. Once Peter puts on the mask, he should transform into the witty web-slinger that we all love. But Tobey Maguire struggles to separate Peter Parker from Spider-Man. Honestly, Andrew Garfield portrayed an excellent Spider-Man, but he still struggled to mesh a nerdy Parker with a witty Spider-Man. And let’s not forget to mention that The Amazing Spider-Man films were far from amazing. The major problem I had with Spider-Man’s character was that he revealed himself to everyone in the movie. His identity is revealed to every passenger on that train, Doc Ock, Harry Osborn, and Mary Jane. Also, I’m pretty sure all those cops rescuing Mary Jane could have looked up and seen him. #identitycrisis

Mary Jane – Kirsten Dunst character seemed very emotional. I wasn’t moved by her running out of her own wedding, it seemed like a jerk move to me. #MJ

Harry Osborn– I didn’t understand how Harry was able to talk to his dad without having some psychotic breakdown or being drug induced (like Norman was in the first film). Overall James Franco delivered a good performance, although the last scene seemed rushed into making him the New Goblin. #runsinthefamily

Aunt May – Rosemary Harris had two amazing monologues that were touching and brought her character to life. However, she did forgive Peter for withholding information about Uncle Ben’s death very quickly, almost too quickly. #sweetauntmay

Doc Ock – Alfred Molina had a compelling performance. It was refreshing to see a person transform into a villain without the desire to actually be a “villain”. So many times we see regular people who are given “superpowers” through situations out of their control, and because of this they are forced to be superheroes. Whereas, most villains are always bad from the beginning and will inevitably die a villain. Doc Ock didn’t have the desire to be a villain, and when faced with a life or death situation he decides to die a hero. #innerstruggle

J. Jonah Jameson – I just couldn’t post this blog without mentioning J.K. Simmons portrayal of J. Jonah Jameson! He truly was made to play this part. He exemplifies wit and huge personality with the character. #funniestcharacter

Tell us what you thought of Spider-Man 2 in the comments below! Don’t forget to check out our eBay store where we are currently running a BOGO comic book sale! #anerdynook



2 thoughts on “Spider-Man 2: Character Review

  1. Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man 2’ is still one of my all-time favorite superhero movies! It just FELT like Spidey to me.


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