Top 5 Facts about Vision


5. Ultron created the Vision. Ultron was originally created by the infamous Dr. Hank Pym. Because of this, Ultron had an intense desire to create his own being. Ultron unleashed the Vision on the Avengers, but Vision had a conscience which Ultron lacked. Vision betrayed his creator Ultron, and then joined the Avengers.

4. Geoff Johns wrote Vision #1-4. Geoff Johns has much experience in the comic book world. He is currently the Chief Creative Officer at DC comics. Johns has written for The Flash TV series, The Arrow TV series, and Smallville. The Vision #1-4 comics was one of the few times he worked with Marvel.Johns career has mostly been consumed with all things DC. He is currently working alongside Ben Affleck as a writer for the independent Batman film that will star Ben Affleck himself.

3. The Scarlet Witch gave birth to twin boys with the Vision through magical powers.  They were named Thomas and William. The Scarlet Witch was able to use her mutant powers to impregnate herself with characteristics from both Vision and herself. Doctor Strange actually assisted with Wanda’s pregnancy and eventually the two boys were born. In the Marvel universe, Magneto would be Thomas and William’s grandfather, but Wanda with her brother Pietro decided to withhold this information from Magneto.

2. She-Hulk tore the Vision in half. In her defense she was being manipulated when this happened. However, She-Hulk still had the strength and ability to tear the Vision in half.  Thankfully, Vision was rebuilt and he forgave She-Hulk for her savage act.

1. Vision marries Scarlet Witch. After leaving their father Magneto, the Scarlet Witch and Quiksilver joined Captain America and the Avengers. The Scarlet Witch became romantically involved with the Vision. Quiksilver, however, was against this relationship, but the two were persistent and they eventually married.


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Facts about Vision

  1. The Vision is such an interesting character. Thanks for the great profile. You’ve made me want to go read some back issues with the Vision. I’ve never read anything about he and Wanda having kids!


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