Top 5 Facts about The Hulk

hulkhulk 2

5. Wolverine’s first appearance was in the Incredible Hulk comic. He debuted as a character in The Incredible Hulk #180 published in 1974. Our favorite Canadian X-Men starred in the Incredible Hulk comic and they have had many other reunions since then. It is unusual for a character to guest star in a series but then go on to have their own series, which was the case with Wolverine.

4. Thor, Daredevil, and Stan Lee made their live-action debut in the Incredible Hulk TV series. Bill Bixby’s Incredible Hulk series was so popular that the writers tried to introduce characters like Thor and Daredevil in hopes that they would star in their own unique tv series and films. This, however, was unsuccessful. Stan Lee began his series of cameos with his first being in Bixby’s Incredible Hulk series.

3. Hulk has kids named Skaar and Hiro-kala. During the Planet Hulk storyline, set on the planet of Sakaar, Hulk and Caiera were expecting two children. When Sakaar was destroyed, the Hulk believed that Caiera and his unborn children had perished in the tragedy. But Caiera used her powers to protect her womb, and the sons of Hulk survived. They were named Skaar and Hiro-kala. Under the impression that his family had perished, The Hulk returned to earth in hopes of avenging his wife and children.

2. Lou Ferrigno has appeared in every live-action Hulk film. Lou Ferrigno was the original Hulk in the live action series. While Bill Bixby portrayed Bruce Banner, it was Lou Ferrigno who portrayed the Hulk himself. He has appeared in every live action Hulk film including the Avengers. His voice was also used for the Hulk in a couple films as well.

1. The Hulk was originally grey. The only reason he is still not grey is because the printer at Stan Lee’s house kept messing up. Some prints would come out grey while some were silver. They decided to choose a vibrant green in order to produce a stable color and tint.

Honorable Mention: The original Hulk comic book series was canceled after six issues. The Hulk was not originally well-received. People didn’t know how to take the Hulk. He was similar to a werewolf character in the beginning. During the original comics, the Hulk would only turn green at night. The character was not fleshed out well and the audience didn’t respond in a positive way. Eventually the Hulk evolved into the hero we know today and has continued to be a favorite of comic book lovers.


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