Top 5 Facts about the Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot)


5. Penguin and the Batman are unlikely companions. The Penguin is a source of information for the Batman, and at times Batman must begrudgingly ask the Penguin for help. The Penguin knows everything about Gotham especially its crimes and villains. Obviously, the two have opposing worldviews but when it comes down to it, Batman must ask for help from the most unlikely people in Gotham.

4. Penguin is a sane villain, whereas most Batman villains are not. The Joker, Riddler, Two-Face, Harley Quinn, all these Batman villains have one thing in common: they’re all crazy! The Penguin, however, is a rare Batman villain because he is actually sane. Not to mention, he is one of few Batman villains who has a genius level IQ.

3. He wasn’t raised by penguins. No Tim Burton, the Penguin was never raised by actual penguins! His mother and father raised him, even though he was born fat and ugly. Eventually his father died, and Oswald’s mother continued to raised her deformed child. Oswald has always shared an odd, yet close relationship with his mother. Oswald would do anything for his mom.

2. The Penguin carries an umbrella in remembrance of his parents.  The Penguin’s father died of pneumonia, and his mother insisted that her son carry an umbrella at all times. Due to the odd relationship he had with his mother, the Penguin wields an umbrella consistently. Maybe this is done out of respect, or maybe it is just an instinctive habit. Regardless, the iconic umbrella has deep meaning for the Penguin.

1.The Penguin can tolerate subzero temperatures longer than others. This isn’t necessarily a superhuman ability; the Penguin is just more tolerant than most humans. In fact, the Penguin really doesn’t possess a “super power”. He consistently carries an arsenal of umbrellas that transform into guns, blades, and other deadly weapons. The Penguin usually creates a intricate scheme to take down the Batman, but will surround himself with henchmen or other psychotic villains to do the dirty work for him.

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