Top 5 Facts about Harley Quinn

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5. Harley Quinn used to work at Arkham Asylum. Doctor Harleen Frances Quinzel had great ambitions. She did well in school and was a fantastic gymnast. For her gymnastic skills she won a scholarship to Gotham City University. She became an intern at Arkham Asylum and studied the crazy inmates. The Joker was one of her favorite inmates to study, and eventually the Joker tricked her into helping him escape.

4. Harley and the Joker have a complicated relationship. Most of the time the Joker uses Harley for his own glorification and success, but once in a while the Joker shows intimate feelings for Harley. On the other hand, Harley Quinn is completely head over heels for “Mr. J”, and even when the Joker tries to kill her, Harley is always willing to forgive and forget.

3. Harley was part of the Gotham City Sirens. The Gotham City Sirens was a group of female villains who wreaked havoc on Gotham. Harley was a member of this team along with Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Eventually Harley Quinn betrayed the group and went on a man-hunt to kill the Joker. But instead of choosing to get revenge on the Joker, she freed him and they both took over Arkham Asylum.

2.  Harley Quinn breaks the fourth wall. When a character breaks the fourth wall, it means that they talk and interact with the reader. Most characters never talk to the reader directly, but Harley Quinn does from time to time. Harley knows that she is in a comic book, and she will occasionally make witty comments to the reader during the course of the plot. Joker has also broken the fourth wall as well.

1. Harley is immune to certain toxins and poison. Harley has been a friend of Poison Ivy for a while. Poison Ivy once injected Harley with a serum that makes her immune to certain poisons. Other than this resistance to poison, Harley Quinn really doesn’t have any other “super powers”. She is very athletic and is an accomplished gymnast, but she wasn’t born with any supernatural ability.


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