Captain America

Steve Rogers lived during the Great Depression. After seeing the Nazi’s despicable acts, Rogers decided to join the fight. But Rogers, being small and scrawny, was unable to pass his physical. Rogers was given a second opportunity when Professor Erskine asked him to be a test subject for his Super Soldier Serum. Rogers agreed and became… Read More Captain America


Thor is the son of Odin (Lord of Asgardians) and Gaea (the earth goddess). He was taken to Asgard to be raised by  Odin’s wife Fridda in hopes one day he would exceed Odin’s power in maintaining the Nine Realms. Thor is the Norse God of Thunder. He wields arguably the greatest weapon ever made, the enchanted hammer… Read More Thor

Iron Man

Tony Stark was born to Howard and Maria Stark. After his parents were tragically killed, Tony took control of his parents industry at the age of 21. Instead of leading Stark Industry, he shirked his responsibility and lived a lavish lifestyle. One fateful day while Tony attended a field test of the companies’ newest weapon,… Read More Iron Man


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