Top 5 Comic Book Writers

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5. Edmond Hamilton – Edmond Hamilton wrote a large amount of sci-fi works before working for DC. For over twenty years Hamilton wrote Batman and Superman comics. Hamilton is well-known for his work in sci-fi stories and he has influenced several sci-fi stories today such as Star Trek and others. He also created the character Captain Future. He dedicated a portion of his life to writing Batman and Superman comics which set the foundation for these major DC heroes.

4.Joe Gill – Joe Gill is another very prolific comic book writer. He is most well-known for creating Captain Atom and he also revived the Blue Beetle character. The Peacemaker and Judomaster are just some other characters he created. Another very well-known series that Gill created was Doomsday +1 which was published by Charlton Comics. Gill was also awarded the Shazam Award for Best Writer. Gill’s creativity and prolific writing established him as a great writer in the comic book world.

3. Gardner Fox – Gardner Fox began writing for DC comics. This prolific writer penned over 4,000 comics in his lifetime. Fox wrote some of the early issues of DC comics that featured Batman, The Flash, and Hawkman. He is also known for his writing in the Justice League of America comics. Gardner Fox also launched the Multiverse theme in the DC universe. This theme portrayed an Earth 2 in which all DC heroes existed on a second earth. This theme has continued within the DC universe and makes for some interesting story lines.  Gardner Fox later left DC and worked for Marvel for a short time. Fox wrote so many comics and created some of DC’s most iconic superheroes; he displayed his talent as a writer and is well-remembered today.

2. Alan Moore – Alan Moore is known for the famed Killing Joke comic along with the popular mini-series The Watchmen. The Watchmen series has been considered the greatest comic book ever written. With its complex and intricate plot along with multiple points of view, The Watchmen is an incredibly well-written comic. The Watchmen is also the only comic book to ever win a Hugo Award. Alan Moore is also known for his comic Batman: The Killing Joke. This comic in particular is well-known for the Joker’s back-story and his “one bad day”. Alan Moore did a spectacular job showing how both the Joker and Batman are similar characters. With these two comics under his belt along with many others, Alan Moore is just another talented comic book writer.

1. Stan Lee – Stan Lee has had the biggest influence in comic book writing. He wrote Spider-Man, X-Men, The Hulk, and many other notable Marvel characters. Stan Lee collaborated with Jack Kirby to create The Fantastic Four which was the first superhero team the two created together. Lee would continue to create so many other famed heroes with Jack Kirby as the artist. Lee produced several iconic heroes who have survived so many years on the comic book stage. No wonder Stan Lee makes #1 on this list.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Comic Book Writers

  1. For my favorites I’d have to add G. Willow Wilson (who writes ‘Ms. Marvel’) for her rich characters and strong social conscience. I’d also include Ryan North (who writes ‘The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl’) for consistently putting out the FUNNIEST comic book I’ve ever read. I love singing their praises!


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