Top 5 Facts about Nightcrawler


5. Nightcrawler is Mystique’s son. Nightcrawler gets his blue skin from his mother’s side, and he also has his mother’s glowing yellow eyes. Mystique had a child with a German aristocrat and while trying to escape from a mob, she threw her child to his death. Nightcrawler survived, but didn’t find out who his parents were until he was much older. Also according to comics, Rogue would actually be Nightcrawler’s step-sister. #mommymystique

4. Nightcrawler was raised as an acrobat. After Mystique threw her son to his death, some villagers found Nightcrawler and raised him as their child. Nightcrawler was then trained as an acrobat and performed in a circus. The circus-goers believed that Nightcrawler was a human dressed up in an elaborate costume. Nightcrawler drew large crowds and at the same time taught himself acrobatic moves that would be helpful to the X-Men in years to come. #acrobaticmutant

3. Nightcrawler has an image inducer. After joining the X-Men, Professor X gave Nightcrawler an image inducer which created a holographic image of a regular human. Nightcrawler was now able to go about in society without his abnormal features drawing attention. Another interesting fact is that Nightcrawler’s image inducer was invented by none other than Tony Stark. However, Nightcrawler eventually stopped using the image inducer because he chose not to hide his features. #blueskin

2. Nightcrawler fought in the group Excalibur. Excalibur was Britain’s version of the X-Men, and Nightcrawler (along with Shadowcat and Colossus) fought with this group for a time before returning to the X-Men. Captain Britain was their leader, but after Captain Britain married Meggan (a shape-shifter of the team), Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, and Colossus returned to the X-Men in America. #britishmutants

1. Nightcrawler is a swordsman. Nightcrawler not only has advanced acrobatic abilities and teleportation powers, but he also has trained himself in sword fighting. Nightcrawler wields a deadly sword as he teleports around his enemies and causes significant damage. His hand to hand sword fighting techniques are impressive, but what really sets this blue mutant apart is his ability to also wield a sword with his spiked tail. #nightcrawler


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