Top 5 Facts about Psylocke


5. Her powers include reading minds, communicating mentally, and sending “mental bolts”. Her powers are similar to Professor X’s powers. She can use her “mental bolts” against enemies to momentarily daze them. Of course, she also has the purple psychic knife that emerges from her right hand. Overall, Psylocke is a powerful telepathic mutant. #psylocke

4. Psylocke had a romantic relationship with Archangel. These two lovers hooked up after Psylocke was rejected by Cyclops. She originally flirted with Cyclops, but Cyclops declined and stuck with his better half, Jean Grey. Now Psylocke currently focuses her romantic attention to Warren Worthington III better known as Archangel.

3. Psylocke is Captain Britain’s sister. Psylocke was born Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock and her brother, Brian, is the UK’s Captain Britain. Psylocke actually worked for Britain’s defense base STRIKE, which is SHIELD’s British division. Captain Britain (Brian) was able to convince Psylocke to become the new Captain Britain, but she was defeated and lost her sight soon after.

2. Psylocke has bionic eyes. Psylocke was blinded and as she was recovering the villain Mojo kidnapped her. After kidnapping her, Mojo healed her and gave her bionic eyes so that this young telepath could see once again.  Thankfully, the New Mutants located Psylocke and rescued her from Mojo. After this rescue mission, Psylocke officially became a member of the X-Men.

1. Psylocke defeated the Shadow King. Psylocke took one for the team when she locked up this X-Men villain with her telepathic powers. By using her abilities, Psylocke trapped the Shadow King on a different dimension of reality. This was truly a sacrifice for Psylocke, since she could never use her telepathic abilities again. If she were to use her powers, she may accidently release the Shadow King from his prison.

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Facts about Psylocke

  1. This is a very timely post! Thanks for the refresher before I’m off to the movies this weekend. I loved Psylocke as a kid, I thought her psychic knife was one of the X-Men’s best weapons/powers of anyone on their roster.


    1. Thank you for the comment! I actually saw the movie last night, and I hope to write a review on it soon. I’ll probably wait until next week in order to give people a chance to see the film. I hope you enjoy it!

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