Top 5 Comic Book Artists

jack kirby

5. Stephen Ditko – Stephen Ditko drew many of Marvel’s iconic heroes such as Doctor Strange, Hulk, Iron Man, and the Amazing Spider-Man. Stephen Ditko is sometimes forgotten as the artist who really brought Spider-Man to life. Ditko is also remembered for his colorful and eccentric backgrounds and covers. He was able to capture expressions of characters in his art, and this ability stood his artwork apart from others of his day. He is also widely remembered for his creation of the mystical Doctor Strange. Ditko’s psychedelic backgrounds found popularity with many comic book readers, and they still enchant readers today.

4. Frank Miller – Frank Miller is well remembered for his Twilight Zone series. He also was the artist and writer of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Frank Miller’s darker style of art took comic books to a new level. Instead of only being for children, Miller’s work brought a large adult audience to the comic book marketplace. Miller was also the creator of Elektra in Marvel’s Daredevil series. Although Frank Miller involved himself in many comics, he will always be remembered as the creator of the Dark Knight and his very gritty version of Batman.

3. Dave Gibbons – Dave Gibbons is most well known for the New York Times best seller Watchman series. This series is still very popular today and it was even mentioned in Time’s “Top 100 Novels” list. Dave Gibbons’ darker style was presented in the Watchman series and it began a ripple effect in comic book community. Many other writers and artists would change the light-hearted feel of superhero comics. Along with Frank Miller, Dave Gibbons also brought a gloomy view to comics. Gibbons also aided with the Tornado series and was the main artist of Doctor Who comics. As an advisor, David Gibbons played a large part in the successful live-action film Watchman.

2. Steve Dillon- Steve Dillon is known for his artwork on the Preacher series, which by many is considered the best artwork of our time. He also was a part of a 12- issue series of The Punisher. After this series the Punisher was truly revived in the comic books. With some alteration to the character’s costume, Steve Dillon once again proved his ability to create amazing artwork in the comic book world. Steve Dillon still has many years of work ahead of him, and we are sure his work will be very successful and well-received.

1. Jack Kirby – Jack Kirby is considered by many to be the greatest comic book artist of all time. He created the Fantastic Four and the Hulk, while also perfecting the image of the Avengers. Along with Stan Lee, he created the X-Men universe and the colorful array of mutants that inhabit it. Jack Kirby was raised in New York City. His family was very poor, yet Kirby taught himself how to draw by tracing characters from the newspaper comic strips. Throughout his life, Kirby worked for both Marvel and DC comics. One of the last times that Jack Kirby and Stan Lee corroborated was with the comic The Silver Surfer: The Ultimate Cosmic Experience. Jack Kirby’s legacy as an artist will live on along with all the iconic and lovable characters that he created. #anerdynook


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