Top 5 Facts about Wolverine


5.Wolverine was once stripped of his adamantium skeleton. Who else would be able to perform this feat but Magneto himself? Magneto used his power of metal manipulation and completely purged Wolverine’s body of adamantium. Wolverine was able to survive, but it would be a long time before he ever got his adamantium skeleton back. It was the powerful mutant Apocalypse who restored Wolverine’s skeleton, but not before making Wolverine his slave. #Apocalypse #anerdynook

4.Wolverine can feel pain. The gift of healing is just another plus for Wolverine, but he still feels pain. Although he has rapid healing speed it still takes time for Wolverine to heal, especially from a major injury. A gunshot wound to the arm or leg won’t stop this beast, but if he’s shot in a vital organ it will take time for him to recover. Although Wolverine experiences pain, he can still recover faster than most humans and mutants making him a valuable member of the X-Men. #healer

3. Wolverine has incredible heightened senses. Along with his sharp claws and healing ability, Wolverine has some of the keenest senses in the Marvel Universe. His senses are so finely tuned that he can identify a person just by their smell. Not only can he recognize who you are, he can also track you down just by following your scent. #tracker #Wolverine

2. Wolverine was born James Howlett. In the newer series Origin, Wolverine’s mysterious back-story was unveiled. Wolverine was born to a wealthy family in Canada, and they named their sickly son James Howlett. The first time James learned of his mutant powers was when the family’s groundskeeper, Thomas Logan, killed James’ father. James then proceeded to kill Thomas Logan with his bony claws. Afterwards, James would use the alias Logan in order to keep a low profile. #origins

1.Wolverine first worked for a Canadian mutant team, Alpha Flight. After many years of wandering and fighting in wars, Wolverine was found by James Hudson and his wife Heather. James Hudson was enlisted by the Canadian government to establish a defense agency. When the Hudson’s found Wolverine he was a crazed and ravaging animal. The Hudson’s tended to Wolverine’s health and nursed him back to a normal state of mind. James Hudson wanted Wolverine to be the leader of Alpha Flight, but Wolverine left after only spending a short time in the group. He accepted an offer from Professor X and joined the infamous X-Men. #XMen

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