A short history of King Theoden



Théoden plays a key role in the Lord of the Rings films and books. Théoden was born to Thengel and Morwen. He grew up in Gondor until his father Thengel was made King of Rohan. Théoden was the only son in the family, but he was surround by four other sisters. He was closest to his sister Theodwyn. After their father’s death, Théoden became the King of Rohan. He married and had a son named Theodred, but Théoden’s wife died in childbirth leaving him to balance the role of king and father. Tragedy struck again in Théoden’s life when his sister Theodwyn and her husband both died. Being the kind brother and King that he was, Théoden adopted his sister’s children, Eomer and Eowyn. He raised these two as if they were his own children. Théoden was respected as a strong and mighty king who led the men of Rohan into battle. Théoden was a master of horses and he fought valiantly to keep the people of Rohan safe. Théoden’s kingly sword was called Herugrim which means “Fierce Sword”.

In the films and books, Théoden is remembered for his sacrifice made at the battle of the Pelennor Fields. Théoden led his men to the Pelennor Fields where a great battle would take place between men and the evil minions of Sauron. Théoden fought relentlessly and he killed many enemies. During the heat of the battle, the Lord of the Nazgul descended on Theoden, and Theoden’s horse, Snowmane, fell upon him. Theoden was badly injured and his body was broken. As the Nazgul approached, Theoden prepared to die with honor. Théoden’s niece, Eowyn, appeared disguised as a man and challenged the Lord of the Nazgul to a duel. Just then the Dark Lord pulled out his terrible mace and swung it towards the brave soldier. Eowyn, still disguised, fell back. Her shield and arm were both broken. Just as the terrible Lord prepared to have his victory Merry, who had rode into battle against the king’s wishes, jumped from behind and pierced the Dark Lord with his sword.  Eowyn then revealed herself and seized her moment. She took her sword and stabbed the Lord of the Nazgul from the front. Exasperated, she fell back unconscience. Merry quickly went to aid the king. Theoden was fading quickly, but he told Merry that Eomer must be made king. He also asked Merry to comfort Eowyn. There on the fields of Pelennor, King Theoden died without knowing that it was his own niece, Eowyn, who had slain his killer.

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