Top 5 Facts about Professor X


5. Professor X was first crippled by a mutant named Lucifer. In his early years, Professor X traveled to Tibet and led a revolt against a mutant named Lucifer. Lucifer had enslaved many people and hid himself inside a walled city. Xavier fought relentlessly and eventually defeated Lucifer. In a final attempt to exterminate Professor X, Lucifer hurled a large rock onto Xavier’s legs thus crippling him. After this traumatic event, Xavier was motivated to start a team of mutants whom he could train to combat on his behalf.

4. Professor X lost his hair due to his mutant abilities. Charles Xavier first realized that he had special telepathic powers when he was a young boy. Throughout his teen and young adult years Xavier’s power grew stronger. As a result of his growing psychic abilities, Professor X lost his hair.

3. Professor X and the Juggernaut are brothers. As a child, Xavier’s mother remarried Dr. Kurt Marko. Marko’s son Cain was close in age to Xavier, yet Cain would constantly bully young telepath. Both Cain and Xavier would serve as soldiers in Korea, and here Cain Marko found the hidden temple of Cyttorak. Cain Marko took the glowing ruby, and it endowed Cain with unimaginable power and strength; thus making him the human Juggernaut. The Juggernaut would try relentlessly to kill Xavier and the X-Men, but without victory.

2. Professor X’s son killed him. In the alternate timeline “The Age of Apocalypse” Professor X’s son, Legion, went back in time to kill Magneto. Legion believed that by killing Magneto he would save his father much trouble and hassle in the future. When Legion finally found Magneto, he tried to use his psychic energy blades to kill him. Unexpectedly, Xavier jumped in between Legion and Magneto and sacrificed his life for his friend. Interestingly enough, in this alternate timeline Magneto would be the founder of the X-Men, and he would strive for world peace between mutants and humans.

1. Professor X once erased all memories from Magneto’s brain. The ongoing feud between Professor X and Magneto is one of the most iconic feuds in comic book history. Because of their differing views and ideologies, Professor X and Magneto have gone head to head several times in the X-Men universe. In one instance, Professor X used his powerful telepathic abilities to wipe all the memories from Magneto’s brain. As fate would have it, Magneto was able to regain his memories, and the feud ensued once again.


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