Top 5 Facts about Apocalypse


5. The suit/costume and body of Apocalypse are the same. This unique characteristic gives Apocalypse the ability to shrink, grow, and even turn parts of his body into weapons or defense mechanisms. Once, Archangel tried to kill Apocalypse by shooting his sharp feathers, but Apocalypse transformed his arm into a shield to protect himself.

4. He was born 5,000 years ago in Egypt. Due to his grotesque features, his village abandoned him as a baby because they thought he was a demon. A roaming man, named Baal, found the young Apocalypse and adopted him as his child. Baal taught Apocalypse that “survival of the fittest” was the key to power. Apocalypse would live up to this teaching as he would spend his immortal life becoming one of the strongest mutants the world has ever seen.

3. Apocalypse first overthrew Rama-Tut’s Egyptian empire. Apocalypse worked for Rama-Tut who was the Pharaoh of Egypt during Apocalypse’s youth. Apocalypse was able to unleash his full powers against Rama-Tut. When people attempted to kill him, Apocalypse realized that he was unable to die. He overthrew Rama-Tut and reigned as a terrible Pharaoh of Egypt. He would travel to many other civilizations throughout history and force innocent people to worship him as their god.

2. Excluding Death, the other Horsemen of Apocalypse all ride robotic horses that have the ability to fly. Apocalypse also has the power to teleport these horse-like machines and his horsemen to any location in the world.

1. His adopted father, Baal, named him En Sabah Nur. The translation of his original name means “The First One”. This is an excellent name for Apocalypse since he is considered to be the first mutant ever born into the human race.


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