Top 5 Most Valuable Avengers

1.       Captain America: Steve Rogers is the leader of the Avengers. Cap’s knowledge of battle and tactical experience makes him the most valuable member on the Avengers’ roster. While he may not be the heaviest hitter of the Avengers, his understanding of his teammate’s strengths and weaknesses set Cap apart from Iron Man as the Ultimate Avenger.

2.       Iron Man: Tony Stark boasts one of the most brilliant minds in the Marvel Universe. If you combine Tony’s brilliant mind with his powerful suit of armor, one can see why he is so high on our list. Although Tony’s armor provides him with much tactical information, his egotistical outlook sometimes clouds his better judgment.

3.       Thor: Thor is one of the heavy hitters of the Avengers. Do not let the screen adaptations fool you, Thor is a trained warrior. He is also the wielder of Mjolnir, a magical hammer. Fortunately for Thor, not many people can pick up or wield his magical hammer. This ability, along with the Mjolnir’s lightning strike, makes Thor an Avenger to be reckoned with. Thor is a god so most enemies won’t stand a chance when facing this immortal and almost indestructible being!

4.       Ant-Man: Hank Pym is a brilliant scientist whose intelligence rivals even Tony Stark. With Hank’s mastery of the Pym Particle, he is able to shrink or grow to any size he chooses. This trait is very helpful when it comes to fighting enemies of the Avengers. Thanks to Hank’s intelligence and logic he is also a valuable asset when it comes to creating the best plan to defeat the team’s enemies.

5.       Hulk: Bruce Banner and his alter ego Hulk make our list not only because of his formidable size and strength, but also because of Bruce’s intelligence. Most would agree that having the Hulk on their side almost always tilts the balance in favor of the Avengers. Although most screen adaptations portray the Hulk as a raging beast with no logic, he does possess some tactical thought even when he is the raging Hulk. Bruce Banner, another very intelligent scientist of the team, also helps the Avengers with his forethought when he isn’t out smashing enemies.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Valuable Avengers

  1. I’d also add Tony’s wealth to the list of what he brings to the table. Without the Stark money paying the bills, the Avengers would be walking everywhere and staying in Steve’s apartment! I love your list and I’m curious, are you just considering the MCU here or are you talking about the comic roster too?


    1. Yes, Tony’s wealth is a major asset that he brings with him. We were considering the MCU when we wrote this, although we realize that Ant-man is not the real Hank Pym in the films. Paul Rudd’s character does exhibit some similar traits to the original Pym, and we hope the MCU will evolve his character to become more like the original.


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