Top 5 Rivalries in Comic Books

  1. Superman vs. The Flash (speed) – Which of these two speedy superheroes is the fastest? This rivalry has taken place many a time in comic book history. The Flash uses the Speed Force to exercise his power while Superman was simply endowed with the ability thanks to Earth’s yellow Sun. These two superheroes have super huge egos, so of course both of them are willing to challenge each other to a race whenever they can.
  2. Hulk vs. The Thing (strength) – Bruce Banner has the ability to transform between intelligent scientist to the raging green Hulk. Unfortunately for Ben Grimm, he is stuck as The Thing. Which of these massive heroes is the strongest? Hulk has a rejuvenating factor which helps him survive in any battle, but The Thing’s exterior orange rock makes him resistant to many types of wounds. When these two massive and resilient superheroes are pitted against one another, prepare to watch them battle it out to the end.
  3. Professor X vs. Magneto (morals) These two friends have differing beliefs about mutants. Professor X believes that mutants can live together with humans and even help the humans if need be. However, Magneto believes that the mutants are the most evolved race and should therefore kill all the humans. Magneto’s “survival of the fittest” mentality and Professor X’s humanitarian beliefs puts these two friends at odds. Magneto’s past life has made him bitter against any humans that try to capture and experiment on the mutants. At the same time, Professor X’s peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants make him a likable leader as well.
  4. Batman vs. Robin (loyalty) Batman is unwilling to let Robin (Dick Grayson) grow up. He doesn’t want Robin to be a part of the Justice League due to his age and lack of experience. On the other hand, Robin feels that he has earned a spot in the Justice League. Robin is done being a side-kick for Batman. Due to these reasons, Robin decides to lead his own team of superheroes known as the Teen Titans. These two heroes respect each other, but their strong ideals sometimes get in the way of them being friends.
  5. Tony Stark vs. Hank Pym (intelligence) Hank Pym is a master of science. He has a Ph. D in biochemistry, nanotechnology, and he is an expert in many other fields such as quantum physics, robotics, artificial intelligence and entomology. Tony Stark, however, is an expert in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science. He is also a genius when it comes to mechanical and electrical engineering. Both of these heroes are exceptionally intelligent, but both Tony and Hank feel the need to prove their superior intelligence to everyone.

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