Top 5 Marvel Villains we wish were featured in live-action films

(5) Hyperion– Although many characters have taken the name of Hyperion, the first was Zhib-Ran who was featured in The Avengers #69. Hyperion was a member of the Squadron Sinister lead by Grandmaster. He first fought against the Avengers when Kang the Conqueror brought the Avengers to a different time-period. Marvel based Hyperion’s character and powers on DC’s Superman. With superhuman speed, strength, stamina, agility, reflexes, and immortality, we hope that Hyperion will eventually have a spot in the MCU.

(4) MODOK – George Tarleton’s life was changed when he was forced to endure inhuman experiments and torture by A.I.M. Tarleton was transformed into a  levitating head and renamed MODOK. Originally, the scientists called him MODOC (Mobile Organism Designed Only for Computing), but Tarleton changed the C to a K for “killing”. MODOK usually fights against Iron Man, and typically MODOK is a side kick of the Red Skull. With the ability to control minds and procure unlimited intelligence, MODOK is our number 4 pick.

(3) TaskMaster – Tony Masters, more notably known as the TaskMaster, is a Marvel villain with photographic memory. He is able to replicate any movement he sees thus making him a difficult villain to defeat in combat. He began by studying the fighting styles of many superheroes. While he usually causes trouble for the Avengers, he has also fought against Deadpool. With his ability to learn quickly, the TaskMaster has trained other villains and thugs to fight against the Avengers. The Task Master appears frequently in the Marvel universe, and for this reason we hope that Marvel will give him a nod in an upcoming live-action film.

(2) Zemo– Baron Zemo is the foe of Captain America and the Avengers. Dr. Heinrich Zemo was a genius scientist who was member of the Nazi Party in World War II. Zemo, a mass murderer, donned a hood to keep his identity secret. Captain America attempted to stop Zemo and his deadly invention, Adhesive X. While confronting Zemo, Captain America knocked over the vat of Adhesive X and it covered Zemo. This fatal action permanently sealed Zemo’s hood to his face. Unable to remove his hood, Zemo went insane and would forever be a villain of Captain America. Zemo eventually had a son who would become a formidable villain as well. We think either of these bitter, insane villains deserves some screen time in a MCU film.

(1) Kang the Conqueror– Nathaniel Richards is a time-travelling scientist who usually fights against the Fantastic Four. Kang traveled to Egypt and reigned as Pharaoh Rama-Tut, but his plan was thwarted when Dr. Strange and the Avengers forced him to leave. With his ability to jump from different time-periods and earths, Kang is a formidable foe. We wish that Marvel would consider putting this villain to screen.


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