Top 5 Smartphones

5. iPhone SE: In a world where smartphones are becoming larger and larger, the iPhone SE is a breath of fresh air. This iPhone, although smaller, still contains an A9 chip. However, you do not get a 3D touchscreen. Large phones are not for everyone, and this phone is a nice alternative. #petite

4. Nexus 6P: If you can’t stand to see software skin over Android (Samsung: Touch Whiz) the Nexus 6p is for you. This phone gives you a clean install of Android Marshmallow,  a sleek metal design and over 12 hours of battery life. By far what makes the Nexus 6P the most enticing is the simplicity and power. #power

3. Galaxy Note 5: I personally have a Note 5 and it is magnificent. The Note 5 lets you get more done and simply be more productive. It packs a powerful octa-core processor yet still manages to have a long-lasting battery. The Note 5 display brightness (NITS) is only surpassed by the iPhone 6s. The S-pen also sets the Note apart by giving you an exceptionally useful tool at no extra charge. #productivity

2.  iPhone 6s: As much as it pains this Android fan boy to say it, the iPhone 6s has to be number 2. Although it doesn’t boast the camera features, memory expansion, or water resistance of the S7, from an app standpoint the iPhone wins. The A9 chip makes the iPhone adept at juggling apps which also gives the iPhone a pristine gaming experience.  The iPhone 6s also  has the best display. #playinggames

1. Galaxy S 7 Edge: Samsung has taken the Smartphone game to a new level. At first glance the S7 runs a swift new auto-focus system for its cameras, a water resistant body, and an all day battery. Samsung has also brought back the micro SD slot for extra storage. Also, the edge screen on the S7 edge supports far more apps than its predecessors. Until Apple’s next keynote, the Galaxy S7 edge is the phone to beat #photography


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