Justice League Members

5. Wonder Woman: This Amazon Queen is a warrior. Wonder Woman’s training and tactical experience make her an asset to the team. Her knowledge of war makes her excessively useful as well. Wonder Woman’s mystical lasso also gives her another unique advantage. #girlpower #warrior

4. The Flash: He is the fastest man alive and that’s saying a lot when you’re on a team with Superman. What many people do not realize is Flash also has the ability to learn rapidly. Although Flash is the light-hearted jovial one in the group, he should never be devalued. #respect #2fast

3. Martian Manhunter: This valuable member of the Justice League often gets very little screen time. The Manhunter is the conscience of the group. He truly is a protector of earth in every sense of the word. Boasting super strength, shape shifting abilities, as well as many other powers, the Manhunter is a tremendous ally. #underrated #greatdetective

2. Superman: When speaking of raw physical strength, few heroes compare to Superman. Superman is a leader in the Justice League not only for his power levels, but also for his charisma. However, Superman has been known to lose touch with humanity, which lands him at number two on this list. #manofsteel #batmanvsuperman

1. Batman: Batman, DC comics greatest detective, gives the Justice League not only humanity, but also intellect. His range of martial arts skills paired with his range of weapons and gadgets make the Dark Knight an invaluable asset to the team. #smartesthero #greatestdetective

Honorable Mention

Aquaman: I usually don’t do Honorable Mentions, but today is the exception. I just couldn’t leave out Aquaman. The King of Atlantis has an army of his own at his beck and call. He also boasts a unique power set and weaponry. #Poseidon #triton


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