Actors who portrayed Heroes in TV

  1. Grant Gustin (The Flash) How do you portray the fastest man alive? It takes a light-hearted approach to life, but unbreakable courage in time of peril. Grant Gustin does a phenomenal job juggling the Flash’s fun-loving personality and his determination to defend Central City against any threat. Although Grant’s performance can at times be discredited by his less talented co-stars, he truly brings the Flash to life.
  2. David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne) Portraying Batman as a child . . . risky, but totally worth it. David Mazouz is not only one of the best actors in a comic book television series, but also may be the best actor currently on TV. Playing a young Bruce Wayne is not a simple task.  David plays a child experiencing several emotions. Loss, due to his parents who were recently murdered. Responsibility, due to his desire to save a city. Love, due to his intimate interest with Selina Kyle. All the while David portrays a fearless young man who juggles all these emotions. To display this many emotions would almost be impossible for any actor but to do it at 14 . . . I applaud you David. #Boss
  3. Stephen Amell (The Green Arrow) Before the Arrow series, the Green Arrow was the laughing stock of comic book enthusiasts. A guy who uses a bow and arrow instead of a gun? #lamestheroever Enter Stephen Amell. Everything changed. While he failed to bring the humor associated with Green Arrow, Stephen Amell’s darker version of the character was highlighted in the series first two seasons. Stephen gave the Green Arrow a new look and depth.
  4. Chloe Bennet (Daisy/Quake/Skye) I wasn’t sure how I’d react to Quake. Agents of Shield had its plot holes, a plethora to tell the truth. Skye’s back story was puzzling; a quagmire of seemingly unrelated information, but Chloe has come in to her own. She may not be able to save the show, but she did save the character. Thank you for that, Chloe!
  5. Bill Bixby (Hulk) Many people have tried to take the mantle of Bruce Banner, a brilliant scientist who when angered becomes the Hulk. Some were utterly disturbing. Few people remember the television series the Incredible Hulk, but that is where you will find the greatest Bruce Banner to date. Bill Bixby gave us our first look at this character and for decades he was our lone highlight. In all fairness Mark Ruffalo, who has yet to have an immense amount of screen time, is now giving Bill Bixby a run for his money.

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