Aragorn and Arwen

The relationship between Aragorn and Arwen is quite brief in the Lord of the Rings films. So for all of you who have ever wondered about a deeper back story to Aragorn and Arwen here it is.

The story of Aragorn really must begin with the story of his father Arathorn. Arathorn fell in love with Gilraen. Of course, Gilraen’s father (Dirhael) was opposed to the marriage of his daughter to Arathorn. Dirhael had a foreboding notion that Arathorn would die soon and he did not want his daughter to suffer the loss. Thankfully Gilraen’s mother (Ivorwen) stepped in and advocated that if the two were to be married now then surely a child would be born before the untimely death of Arathorn. Everyone finally agreed and the two were wed. One year later, Arathorn’s father Arador was killed thus making Arathorn the Chieftain of the Dunedain. Gilraen then gave birth to a son Aragorn. Unfortunately, Arathorn was killed in battle when Aragorn was only two years old.

Gilraen and her son then traveled to Rivendell where Lord Elrond would take them in and become a father to Aragorn. Elrond would call Aragorn “Estel” which means hope, for Aragorn was indeed the hope which Men and Middle-Earth would need. Aragorn was raised by Elrond, but Elrond never spoke of Aragorn’s true lineage until many years later. At that time, Elrond told Aragorn of his father and how that Aragorn was Isildur’s heir. Elrond bestowed upon him the ring of Barahir, and showed him the shards of Narsil (Isildur’s sword which cut the One Ring from Sauron). After this Aragorn was so joyful that he went out into the forest and sang. While he was there he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes upon. He asked her name and she answered that she was Arwen daughter of Lord Elrond. She had been living with her mother in Lothlorien and had thus never met Aragorn up to this point. Aragorn of course was entranced by such a beautiful woman, and he proceeded to tell his mother of their encounter. His mother told him it was not wise to fall in love with an elf. She warned that the Men of the Dunedain had not wed with Elves since many ages past. But Aragorn was insistent. When Lord Elrond found out about the connection between Aragorn and Arwen, he counseled with Aragorn. He explained that Arwen had the gift of long life just like all the other Eldar. Also, he warned Aragorn that Arwen would leave Middle-Earth with him and all her other family soon. If she decided to stay, the light of her people would leave her and she would no longer have the gift of immortality. Distraught, Aragorn decided to leave his home of Rivendell and travel abroad.

During this time Aragorn became friends with Gandalf and they went on many journeys together. Aragorn became well-known in Middle-Earth because he helped Rohan and Gondor in their times of need. After traveling for many years, Aragorn decided to return to Rivendell. On his way home, he stopped in Lothlorien where he would reunite with Arwen. They decided that she would indeed give up her immortality because she believed Aragorn would be one of many great people who would hold back Sauron’s evil. When Aragorn returned to Rivendell, he met Elrond who of course was shocked to hear of his daughter’s decision. Elrond insisted that he would not allow Arwen to stay no matter how kingly a man she would marry. Aragorn departed and traveled to see his mother who had since gone back to her home, but Arwen stayed in Rivendell with her father and watched over Aragorn in her thoughts. When Aragorn visited his mother, she told him that her time had come to depart. She was very distraught about the evil which had grown and she told Aragorn that she could not see a happy ending. Aragorn pleaded with her that there was still hope, but Gilraen was stubborn Aragorn left her, and before the next year had passed Gilraen died in the land of her people.

Now Aragorn had his part in the War of the Ring which many of us know well. After he became the King of Gondor, Arwen came unto him and they were wed in the great halls of Gondor. Arwen and Aragorn ruled Gondor for many years, and Arwen bore a son named Eldarion. As time waxed on, Aragorn handed over the kingship to his son Eldarion. Aragorn then passed away and was buried in the hall of Kings in Gondor. Arwen however said farewell to her son and daughters and traveled back to Lorien where she roamed in the great woods and forest. Lady Galadriel and Celeborn had left Middle-Earth, and so Arwen was alone. Eventually she passed away and was buried in Cerin Amroth.


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