Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman is an Amazon of Greek Mythology. When Steve Trevor an army pilot crash lands on Amazoa Island, Wonder Woman escorts him to her home thus exposing her people to humanity. As an immortal Goddess, Wonder Woman considers it her duty to bring out the best in humanity. Although at times her warrior nature contrives against her peace keeping wishes.

  • Powers/abilities: super strength, invulnerability, flight, combat skills, combat strategy, super human agility, healing, magic weaponry
  • Real Name: Princess Diana
  • Alias: N/A
  • Weakness: If her bracelets are lost or broken, or if a man ties her bracelets together
  • Base of operations: Themyscira, Paradise Island
  • First appearance: All Star Comics #8 (December 1941)
  • Side-kick: N/A
  • Nemesis: Cheetah
  • Affiliation: Justice Society of America
  • Love interest: Steve Trevor

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