The Flash

20160328_205012 (2)

As a young boy, Barry Allen’s mother was murdered. The real culprits were never found and this haunted Barry all his life. As a forensic scientist, Barry was always intrigued by his mother’s mysterious murder. When a freak lightning bolt strikes Barry and gives him super human speed, Barry becomes the Flash.

  • Powers/abilities: super speed, intangibility, super agility, rapid ability to process information
  • Real Name: Barry Allen
  • Alias: Scarlet Speedster, Fastest Man Alive
  • Weakness: overconfidence
  • Base of Operations: Central City
  • First Appearance: Showcase #4 1956
  • Side-kick: Kid Flash
  • Nemesis: Zoom
  • Affiliation: Justice League of America
  • Love interest: Iris West Allen

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