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Bruce Wayne was the wealthy heir of the Wayne family. His family owned much of Gotham City but there were many people who hated the Wayne family. One night as Bruce and his parents were leaving a movie theater, a masked man shot and killed both Thomas and Martha Wayne in front of the young Bruce. This would haunt Bruce and give him an unnerving desire to find the man who killed his parents and reap revenge on him. The child was left to his only guardian, an elderly butler named Alfred.

  • Powers/abilities: high intellect, limitless resources, martial arts training
  • Real Name: Bruce Wayne
  • Alias: The Dark Knight
  • Weakness: lacks superhuman powers
  • Base of operations: Gotham City
  • First appearance: Detective Comics #27 May 1939
  • Side-kick: Robin a.k.a. Dick Grayson
  • Nemesis: The Joker
  • Affiliation: Justice Society of America (honorary member)
  • Love interest: Julie Madison

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