The Green Lantern


20160328_201733 (2)

Hal Jordan was born to Martin and Jessica Jordan. Hal’s father was a test pilot and Hal respected his father greatly. Unfortunately, Hal had to cope with his father’s unexpected death. As Hal grew up he studied to be a test pilot just like his father. Later, Abin Sur an alien who was part of the Green Lantern Corps crash landed his ship in California where an unsuspecting Hal found him. Abin Sur’s ring chose Hal Jordan to be its possessor due to Hal’s ability to overcome great fear. Hal Jordan then became the Green Lantern.

  • Powers/abilities: Master of the Green Lantern Ring, boxing, aviation, leadership abilities
  • Real name: Harold Jordan
  • Alias: “GL”
  • Weakness: the color yellow
  • Base of Operations: Edwards Air Force Base
  • First appearance: All-American Comics #16 (July 1940)
  • Side-kick: N/A
  • Nemesis: Sinestro
  • Affiliation: Justice League of America
  • Love interest: Carol Ferris

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